Who is this Orlando guy anyway?


Well hello there. I'm Frank Orlando.

Once described as a jack-of-all-creative, a veritable renaissance man of imagination. At least that's what I told them to call me.

I specialize in providing design and marketing consultancy to small businesses and non-profit organizations. I've worked with clients of all shapes and sizes. In those thirty-years I’ve upheld the belief that imagination and creative innovation should be accessible for all.

Ask yourself: Why Orlando?

Finding the right fit with a creative consultant can be a daunting task. Ask yourself these four essential questions and see if your current creative measures up. It might be time to build a new and lasting relationship.

Do they understand you and your industry?

No matter what your needs are, your creative team needs to know your target audience and they need to know you. They need to have a clear understanding of your competitors and the world in which you exist, to be truly effective.

Have you learned anything new today?

Let me be frank (pun intended). No one knows it all. You need to trust in your creative to have your best interests at heart. If the thought of looking to your creative requires going outside your ‘comfort zone’ and you are in a relationship that feels wrong, it probably is.

Do they keep up with your requirements?

Do they keep up with your requirements? Taking the time to clearly define your needs and deliver is essential. If you are unclear of what is being delivered before you begin, it can lead to ‘scope creep’, which could mean disaster for both your project and pocketbook.

Can we talk?
Seriously. Can we?

When was the last time you really talked to your consultant? Does it seem like once you sign off on your mock ups you’re left waiting? There should be an ongoing discussion on progress that includes you. If you’re constantly wondering what is up then it's time to reach out and communicate.

It all starts with a conversation

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