Tiny billboards — The lost medium of matchbook covers
Long before social media, the matchbook was frequently an effective choice for small business advertising alongside the newspaper, and the radio spot. Once found everywhere, now a rare and precious find
Renegade Records
Dartmouth’s oldest record store sells vinyl, CDs, DVDs, merchandise, hosts all ages shows and supports local music relentlessly!
Dartmouth Shelter Society – Frank Mackay House
Dartmouth's first overnight emergency shelter to ensure no person is left outside or hungry, the needs of the most vulnerable in our community are our priority.
BRAVE/Centre for Building Resilience through Anti-Violence Education
The Centre for Building Resilience through Anti-Violence Education (BRAVE) provides free SNAP services to girls experiencing social and behavioural challenges
Panacea Canada Inc
Founded in 1993 as a specialized consultancy organization, Panacea Canada offers success coaching services as well as offered general and specialized counselling services.
Scotia Stone Products Limited
Scotia Stone offers products to provide customers with the benefit of a first-class vision for interior and exterior projects.
meet The Halifax Jugger League
We’ve worked with many fascinating people over the years, from all walks of life. ‘Meet’ is about sharing a little about these individuals and the work we provided.
Fraser & Hoyt Incentives Ltd.
Building on 30 years of experience in motivating teams and celebrating their success, Fraser & Hoyt Incentives is a true Canadian leader in employee recognition and reward solutions
Stay Hungry Nutritional Supplements Inc.
Stay Hungry Nutritional Supplements Inc. is a local premier provider of nutritional supplements, sponsoring key bodybuilding events such as the CBBF Nationals and NSABBA