Stay Hungry Nutritional Supplements Inc.

Stay Hungry Nutritional Supplements Inc. is a local premier provider of nutritional supplements, sponsoring key bodybuilding events such as the CBBF Nationals and NSABBA

Stay dedicated, stay focused, stay hungry

Stay Hungry is considered a “heavyweight contender” in the region with respect to bodybuilding supplement and protein solutions.

The inspiration behind our store's name- Charles Gaines. Charles wrote the novel "Stay Hungry" and also penned the screenplay for the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie from 1976. He also wrote "Pumping Iron: The Art and Sport of Bodybuilding.

Stay Hungry Nutritional Supplements Inc.


Stay Hungry Nutritional Supplements
Stay Hungry Nutritional Supplements

Local entrepreneur Allan MacVicar launched his new business venture, “Stay Hungry Nutritional Supplements”. A company poised to enter a locally heavy market in nutritional supplements, a brand needed to be created that was distinctive enough to stand against an already crowded market. A website with an easily update-able product directory was required. Along with a social media strategy a strong identity presence was required through physical collateral. Customers would be invested in using product if they adopted the brand.

Branding and creation of retail locations, trade show collateral, and advertising were also a requirement.


Stay Hungry’s brand was crafted through directed customer focus and a heavy analysis of competition. Instead of a typically testosterone-filled solution, the Stay Hungry identity focused less on literal muscle and more around visual strength, personification with a touch of humor.

In addition to a logotype, characters were created to embody the customers Stay Hungry would come to serve. ‘Thelma’ and ‘Homer’ were designed after the client's love for ‘The Ripping Friends’ cartoon yet offering realistic body shapes that customers can identify with.

Just in time to be a gold sponsor for the Nova Scotia Amateur Body Building Association Competition, Stay Hungry opened their branded store front in February along with an online home, social media hub and enough branded merchandise to outfit all its hungry customers. In addition, produced a retail experience like none other, ensuring brand continuity both online, in print, and in person, reflected in the brick and mortar of his Dartmouth retail location. ‘Stay Hungry TV’ onsite marketing was produced to educate customers as they look to Stay Hungry’s staff for the best in supplement guidance.

After the first year in business Stay Hungry expanded to three locations in the HRM.

Stay Hungry retail
  • Brand creative direction and visual identity
  • Mascot creation with flexible illustration componets
  • Established a social media plan with initial content templates and training
  • Print collateral design signage, and trade show materials
  • Trades magazine and newspaper ADs
  • Email/Newsletter templates and broadcasting strategy
  • Responsive website redesign with product presentation and mobile users in mind
  • CMS self-sufficient training for all team members
  • Provided long term marketing and SEO strategies
  • Retail store design
  • In store info-tainment 'Stay Hungry TV'
Great experience working with Orlando and his team, great customer service. They have their ducks in a row, and their creative genius is off the charts. I never had to chase them for deadlines, and I always knew what was going on during the design phase. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to update their image.
Allan MacVicar, Owner
Stay Hungry retail location
Stay Hungry storefront
Stay Hungry Nutritional Supplements
Stay Hungry Nutritional Supplements
Stay Hungry Nutritional Supplements

Frank Orlando

A senior communications professional with three decades of client experience. Instructor at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University, lecturer of communication design, technology and illustration. Principal of Orlando Media Company, a creative practice providing strategic direction, creative vision, and human focused branding.