Panacea Canada Inc

Founded in 1993 as a specialized consultancy organization, Panacea Canada offers success coaching services as well as offered general and specialized counselling services.

building motivation to make change

Karen Graham is a skilled, experienced consultant and coach with expertise in recovery from addictions. Her overall objective is to be a catalyst for your success through outstanding, client-driven services.

Panacea Canada are fearless and experienced facilitators. Their addiction recovery and coaching services help our clients to clarify where they are today, where they want to be and how to get there. Clients experience a variety of challenges and issues ranging from recovery from an addiction to charting a successful transition into a new career. And Hailey says hello.

Panacea Canada Inc


Panacea Canada Inc old logo
Panacea Canada Inc old site

Along with an outdated and inconsistent identity, Karen Graham had a significant amount of educational and informative content regarding counseling, consulting, and business strategy, but their existing website was hard to navigate, and divisions of the company were hard to discern. There was also the need to update the company’s newsletter reach to be more seamless with the website and integration with social media.


A new structure was developed to help visitors decide which division of the company to explore further. Site content was completely re-organized to fit into these areas and included functionality by linking related blog posts to their respective divisions. A post-to-email campaign system enabled a simplistic content creation and deployment with only a few clicks. A contemporary identity was authored to support the newly launched site and materials.

The client is now able to better hone the various messages to engaged clientele. Panacea’s website content is easier to digest and navigate for both content creator and clients. Multiple subscriber lists relating to the divisions of the company have been instrumental in measuring client needs and interests. All produced to support and enable the client to be self-sufficient in their workflow.

Panacea Canada Inc
  • Brand creative direction and visual identity
  • Responsive website redesign
  • CMS self-sufficient training for all team members
  • Established a social media plan with initial content templates and training
  • Print collateral design
  • Email/Newsletter templates and broadcasting strategy
  • Provided long term marketing and SEO strategies
Panacea Canada Inc
Panacea Canada Inc
Panacea Canada Inc
Orlando kept me informed throughout the entire process, and I felt like my opinion really mattered. The team was great at explaining the reasoning behind their decisions so that I knew that they were really considering what was best for my business, and for me. They really opened my eyes to what elements could make a big impact for my clients.
Karen Graham, Founder
Panacea Canada Inc

Frank Orlando

A senior communications professional with three decades of client experience. Instructor at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University, lecturer of communication design, technology and illustration. Principal of Orlando Media Company, a creative practice providing strategic direction, creative vision, and human focused branding.