Nova Scotia Business Inc.

You can pursue a rewarding IT career with a respected employer right here in Nova Scotia. IT’s Your Future!

Why pursue a career in information technology in Nova Scotia?

Nova Scotia Business Inc. is Nova Scotia's private sector-led business development agency. NSBI is the investment attraction arm of the province and helps businesses in Nova Scotia meet growth potential through advisory services, trade development, financing, and venture capital. With a mandate to create and bring jobs to Nova Scotia, NSBI has a vested interest in ensuring Nova Scotians are aware of the employment opportunities that will and/or do exist in the province.




A scholarship for candidates for grade 12 students across Nova Scotia with a high level of passion for learning, exhibit strong team skills among peers and who are attending an Information Technology Scholarship Program to encourage to stay and practice their craft in Nova Scotia. Reviewed by a scholarship committee comprised of representatives from CGI and Nova Scotia Business Inc. Collateral and information needed to be spread to high schools to attract students to the opportunity.


A career in Information Technology offers endless job possibilities ranging from software development and database management to internet applications and network management. A campaign to connect with students who are driven to a career in IT here in Nova Scotia.

A development of a highly effective Youth Careers Portal both online and on location required a comprehensive understanding of today’s youth. Attract innovative creativity that captures the attention of this elusive target and build an appreciation of the ‘Come to Life Brand Strategy’ for Nova Scotia. At the time the online teen population has grown more than 50% in four years, and they are passionately involved in online social networking. This contributes to an interest in working in the field of IT that can retain and develop our youth, is critical to the future growth and prosperity of Nova Scotia.

Students are overwhelmed by the multitude of programs, schools, and career options available to them, and benefit from direction. A dynamic campaign was produced to capture their short, elusive attention span to this distinct opportunity with brightly coloured branded collateral, and accessible, informational online presence.

  • ‘It’s your future’ campaign
  • Brand wordmark
  • Print brochure
  • Digital brochure
  • Branded collateral
  • Poster
  • ‘Content warning’ sub campaign
  • Campaign detail microsite

Frank Orlando

A senior communications professional with three decades of client experience. Instructor at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University, lecturer of communication design, technology and illustration. Principal of Orlando Media Company, a creative practice providing strategic direction, creative vision, and human focused branding.