Criptyk Motion & Post

Criptyk Motion and Post-production specializes in dynamic attention-getting commercial and experimental visual editing techniques

Dynamic attention-getting commercial and experimental visual editing

Criptyk Motion and Post Production specializes in dynamic attention-getting commercial and experimental visual editing techniques

They are visual storytellers who merge the traditional broadcast with the interactive theatre.




A dynamic company with a distinctive name required a brand that described their whimsy both statically and in motion. The identity needed to carry through multiple mediums. Print, screen printing, web and video. The visuals of a high contrast current logo, and a wind up toy were provided as direction of elements as a basis direction.


The visual suggestion of theatre and circus’ were reflected in the final brand. Retro imagery of televisions and clockwork toys speak to the idea of analog motion, making the connection to hand crafted versus cold technology which is often upheld as superior. The ‘key’ logo directly references wind up toys. Both the ‘key’ and full word mark can exist together or apart.

All outgoing materials business cards, DVDs of media or file transfers are wrapped with brand. Portfolio site has been designed specifically to display and update new video content.

Criptyk identity
  • Brand creative direction and visual identity
  • Established a social media plan with initial content templates and training
  • Branded full colour media for file and media sharing
  • Extended stationary package with mutiple business card combinations
  • Animated motion graphics for 'key'
  • Website with CMS self-sufficient training
Criptyk website
Client shared media

Frank Orlando

A senior communications professional with three decades of client experience. Instructor at Nova Scotia College of Art and Design University, lecturer of communication design, technology and illustration. Principal of Orlando Media Company, a creative practice providing strategic direction, creative vision, and human focused branding.