An e-waste joint : “Brick in a sock” for iPad by Crap Inc.
An innovative company focusing exclusively on Apple products, Crap Inc. has an excellent reputation for producing quality products. Among the top of their creative items are the Plastica cover 3000, Shelf-o-matic for iMac, and now the iPad Brick-in-a-sock stand.
Future Fear
The thought of giving up even more of our personal lives to a company scares the hell out of me. It’s a culture change I am not ready for. Trust issues. In this case, I don’t trust Facebook.
NSCAD needs Nova Scotia
If we avoid this acquisition now, another one will be looming in the next few years unless NSCAD wakes up to its internal issues and makes serious changes.
Google nonplus
Google+. I see it as a massive warehouse party, where millions of people attend but everyone is wearing headphones and singing out loud to themselves, all feel cool for being allowed in to this ‘exclusive’ event yet no one is communicating
It’s all just flash to me
Flash started as an efficient animation tool and has bloated into a platform that does not lend well to mobile devices.
Horst Deppe: Passing of a legend
Horst embodied the spirit of NSCAD, technical expertise, critical and flexible thinking, and most importantly it's whimsy.
Apple’s ‘One more thing’ culture
Control. They want us to buy the next device. They want us to need it. Salivate for it.