March of the Robots — A drawing challenge journey
Looking back over a 31 day drawing challenge based on a habitual need to draw mechanical, robotic scribbles.
Goodbye, Farewell and Amen, Creative Kick
A simple but effective idea that in this world of social media and isolation, they could foster an environment for collaboration.
Don’t Panic. Be a hoopy frood and have a Happy Towel Day!
Towel Day is a tribute to Douglas Adams Author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, screenwriter, satirist, and a hoopy frood. May 25th folks carry a towel with them.
Nova Scotia’s creative industry. Is it worth staying?
A 2022 revisit into my advice for up-and-coming creatives who are thinking of pursuing a career in Nova Scotia.
Tiny billboards — The lost medium of matchbook covers
Long before social media, the matchbook was frequently an effective choice for small business advertising alongside the newspaper, and the radio spot. Once found everywhere, now a rare and precious find
5 effective steps to losing a customer
We here at Phizr-Mannon-Cybnot-Enrom: Food Services and Animal Waste Removal Division, know the value of customer turnover. We have put these steps together to ensure a customer’s lasting and distasteful view of our brand.
Interview : Illustration for Documentary, Love Notes to Newton
Frank Orlando (Visual & Auditory Communicator, Public Speaker, Community organizer, Geek) will be joining us to create the graphics for the campaign and also for the film . We had a quick interview with Frank yesterday to find out a bit of his motivation for partnering with us for this project:
Sweet Release Kit
Shout out to Stacey Cayea of Sugar Shok, Treat Boutique for producing our free giveaways for the Behance portfolio review night.
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Tablet
How has the iPad changed my working environment? For me personally, the impact has been tremendous on several fronts.